I'm a medium-agnostic maker. I love trying out new expressions of art, sculpture, design and experience. Growing up in Hong Kong, the "neon Mecca" of the world, this beautiful art form has always been something that has interested me.
I wanted to explore making my own neon sign as an homage to my heritage.


福 Fortune


There is a Chinese tradition where you hang the symbol of fortune "福" upside-down to bring in good luck to your household in the New year.

It is said that this is because the character for "upside-down", "倒" [dào], is a homonym of the character for "to arrive", "到" [dào]. So when paired together, it conceptualizes "bringing in good fortune."

The project took about 90 hours with studio time to produce the project end to end. I love the detail and craft involved in delicate projects like these. This will definitely not be my last sign!



There's something incredible vibrant, energetic, yet calm about staring at a neon sign. While it screams for attention, it captivates more like a moth to a flame.

Today, the sign hangs at roughly 3" x 3" hung traditionally facing the door to my apartment. 

Below are some shots of making it in the studio.