Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother

Actor Josh Radnor speaks at CEC event about his path to success, views on college and the entertainment industry. It was a pleasure having such an iconic sitcom actor speak to students about his journey. 


Campus Events Commission (CEC)

This quarter, I'll be joining the Campus Events Commission (CEC) as a new member of the Media Production staff. Campus Events Commission is a branch of UCLA’s undergraduate student government focused on bringing fresh entertainment and happenings to the Bruin Community. Our variety of events includes free film screenings, concerts and speakers.

In the past, CEC has been responsible for obtaining speakers that range from Martin Luther King Jr. to Morgan Freeman and Michael Moore. More recently, emerging young leaders including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Whitney Port and Kal Penn have spoke at our highly anticipated events.

As part of the Media Production, I'll be collaborating with others to produce promotional video content as well as event coverage. Stay tuned to see what we have in store!  

For more info, please visit: campuseventsblog.com

Join us on Facebook to learn about upcoming events and happenings! www.facebook.com/campusevents


GOOD Worldwide - Video Intern

Spring Internship: Video Production Intern at GOOD!

GOOD Worldwide: a Community of People Who Give a Damn

GOOD is a global community of, by and for pragmatic idealists working towards individual and collective progress. GOOD.is is the platform for collaboration amongst members of the GOOD community. GOOD Magazine is the quarterly print publication that reflects the activity and work of the GOOD community. GOOD Corps is a team of social entrepreneurs who work with NGOs, corporations and foundations to drive progress in collaboration with the GOOD community and beyond.

Check us out at: www.good.is

This quarter, I will be working on several projects including a LA River Revitalization Campaign - a huge community-wide collaboration with the City of Los Angeles aimed to rejuvenate the landscape of Los Angeles through 2050.

Stay tuned for upcoming work!


Celebrating 15 Years of The Lion King!

This month is The Lion King on Broadway's 15th year! To celebrate this incredible feat an "Inside The Lion King" display is open to the public on Bryant Park. It is the first ever pop-up exhibition for Broadway show. If you are in New York between December 1st and 16th you should check it out!

I am so thankful to be able to have worked with the Disney Theatrical Group this summer in New York. Working for such incredible shows like The Lion King, Mary Poppins and Newsies has been truly inspiring and a dream come true to be a part of such an incredible production and creative team. I cannot be more thrilled that The Lion King continues to be such a hit success. Since my internship, The Lion King has grossed from over 1 million fan subscribers to nearly 1.7 million today! I am truly proud and honored to have worked with such amazing people.

Congratulations to The Lion King and to the Disney Theatrical Group! 

15 Year Exhibition in Bryant Park

The Walt Disney Company - Disney Theatrical Internship

This summer, I will be the first ever Design Intern to join the Disney Theatrical Group in New York. This is an incredible opportunity and I am truly honored to be the first pioneer of fresh new designs that will be seen all around Times Square, New York and online! I cannot wait to bring my passion and zeal for design to the Disney this summer!

Disney is truly a company I have always had an affinity to, I grew up inspired and a dreamer because of the imagination and creativity they instilled in me. It is a dream come true to work for them this summer and I can't wait to embark on this new adventure and see where my work takes me next.

Most recently, I designed the Facebook Timeline visuals for all of Disney On Broadway. Below is my design for The Lion King - the most successful Broadway musical of all time. The Lion King has been seen by over 60 million people, with over 1.1 million Facebook followers. Overnight, my design has already attracted over 800 Facebook likes. It is truly an artwork I am proud of, and Disney is truly a company I am proud to be a part of.

Thank you everyone who believed in me and made this opportunity possible. I honestly cannot wait to go to work everyday to see what I get to be doing next. This experience is surreal, my later works will be published in my portfolio! Stay tuned!

Happy Summer!


My Lion King Cover Photo Design

Dean's Scholarship Award

For the second year in a row, I have been selected to be a Dean's Scholarship Award Recipient. I am absolutely honored to be receiving this award. The selection is based on faculty recognition of academic commitment and excellence in the Design Media Arts department at UCLA.

I strive to tackle each class with as much zeal and diligence as I can, I am truly thankful that my hard work and passion for design has been recognized by the faculty and by the department. As a two-time winner, I truly want to thank everyone who recognize my creativity and I want to thank all who have inspired me over the years. Thank you for believing in my continued progress, and most importantly, thank you for believing in me and the work I produce.

I want to also thank all the amazing professors at the DMA department at UCLA that have guided my talents and really bloomed my skills as a designer. Finally, an extra big thank you to the Scholarship Donor.



At last, the 26th Annual JazzReggae Festival has arrived. This incredible event that features music, food and culture of Los Angeles has finally come. The event was extremely successful this year. It featured a diverse range of charismatic artists including: The Roots, Shaggy, Tarrus Riley, Booker T. Jones, Gary Clark Jr., Collie Buddz, Thundercat, Don Carlos, Alison Hinds, Kes the Band and Cris Cab.

I am extremely proud to be the Art Director for this incredible event. Some of the art includes large scale interactive sculptures, live art as well as gallery art. As the graphic designer for the event, my designs can be wildly seen in both online and street marketing, including large publications such as the LA Weekly.

Below are a few images from the event featuring sustainable sculptures, live art and great music - all made possible by a small group of UCLA students. The JazzReggae Festival is in fact the largest college-run festival nation-wide. This is a truly special event, and I am extremely proud to be able to be part of such an incredible festival and production.

UCLA Undergraduate Science Journal - 25th Edition

The 25th Annual UCLA Undergraduate Science Journal has been published!

The UCLA Undergraduate Science Journal features incredible undergraduate research carried out by students. My re-design for the publication gives the science journal a fresh, sleek, new modern look. As the 25th edition, the publication has never looked better. 

25th Annual Edition

Art Director - JazzReggae Festival @ UCLA

This year, I have been selected to be the Art Director for the 26th Annual JazzReggae Festival at UCLA. The JazzReggae Fest is one of the largest student run concerts nation-wide. The festival is also one of the most diverse of its kind by merging entertainment with education (focusing largely on sustainability and the environment).

The event will be held Memorial Day weekend 2012 - a great way to kick off the Summer!

Visit the website for more information!


OldFlyer JPG.jpg

Hong Kong Discovery - Graphic Design Intern

For Summer of 2011 I have been working as a Summer Intern at Hong Kong Discovery - a Hong Kong based outdoor and environmental publication.

As an intern I have collaborated with them to redesign their company profile, to produce a wide variety of web advertisements and banners and to produce information graphics for their bi-monthly periodical.

The below image is an info-graphic I made for them which celebrates their 11th Anniversary Issue.

11th Anniversary Issue

Dean's Scholarship Award 2011

I have been selected to be one of this years Dean's Scholarship Recipients in the Design Media Arts department at UCLA! The scholarship will go towards funding my tuition and my academic studies. I am really honored and grateful to be given this award. It is truly humbling to be given an award among such talented students, especially being the only freshman to receive this scholarship. I am really thankful that my work this year is being recognized. I wanted to thank and give a shout out to the UCLA DMA faculty! Thank you again.

The award reception was held on the 18th of May in the EDA at the Broad Art Center @ UCLA.

Scholarship Receipients

Scholarship Receipients

Toki Doki Designer - Simone Legno

Simone Legno, designer of Tokidoki, speaks at UCLA to aspiring artists and designers. He gives us insight on his journey and path to success as well as behind the scenes highlights of the industry. Meeting such a young successful designer was truly refreshing. His work continues to inspire many and make our world a more colorful place.

Robot Unicorn Attack!

Scott Stoddard, game designer and creator of internet and phone phenomenon Robot Unicorn Attack, spoke to UCLA Design and Media Arts students about his journey and creative process to create such a successful game. Scott discussed the importance of flow and how game 'Canabalt' influenced and inspired his ideas to create Robot Unicorn Attack. The game has over 25 million plays and continues to be popular among a large target market and range of players.

He taught a gaming workshop to UCLA Design Media Arts students. 

Check out the game Robot Unicorn Attack!

Banksy visits Westwood

Banksy's latest piece splattered on the back of Urban Outfitters in Westwood, Los Angeles this week. The piece evokes a sense of corrupted innocence which is portrayed through a child soldier depicted in an elementary style background drawing. Incredibly thought provoking piece. The graffiti has created controversial stir about whether or not it should be sprayed over and resurfaced.


Joseph Gordon Levitt @ UCLA

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Speaks at UCLA to aspiring artists and media-artists on the 8th of November!


The Daily Bruin - Design Intern

As of Fall 2010, I will be a design intern at the Daily Bruin (UCLA's collegiate newspaper). I will be designing news spreads and layouts for various aspects of the newspaper from the front page to the opinion section. 

Check us out at DailyBruin.com