Team Shapes the Future of Internet Browsing

As we gear up and get ready to ship Windows 10, the Microsoft JobsBlog has featured me and my team in this article - check it out!

Team shapes the future of Internet browsing with Microsoft Edge

Written by Tracy Ith

People around the globe will rely on it for countless everyday tasks — getting the latest information about a world event, gathering facts for a research paper or maybe tracking down the perfect recipe.

But for those working to bring to life Windows 10’s much-anticipated new browser, Microsoft Edge, the company’s goal to innovate off previous generations of Internet Explorer and build a stronger, sleeker product offers nothing short of a chance to make history.

“Working on a brand new browser, we’re able to sculpt and imagine what we think the future of the Web will be like,” says program manager Clarice Chan. “Having hundreds of millions of people using a product that we’re working on is something I definitely wouldn’t have anticipated in my first job out of college.”

It’s an exciting project and a defining time for about 300 software engineers, designers, program managers and people with a variety of other skills — as well as the teams they collaborate with across the company — as they look ahead to the new browser’s primetime debut when Windows 10 launches on July 29.

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