The Walt Disney Company - Disney Theatrical Internship

This summer, I will be the first ever Design Intern to join the Disney Theatrical Group in New York. This is an incredible opportunity and I am truly honored to be the first pioneer of fresh new designs that will be seen all around Times Square, New York and online! I cannot wait to bring my passion and zeal for design to the Disney this summer!

Disney is truly a company I have always had an affinity to, I grew up inspired and a dreamer because of the imagination and creativity they instilled in me. It is a dream come true to work for them this summer and I can't wait to embark on this new adventure and see where my work takes me next.

Most recently, I designed the Facebook Timeline visuals for all of Disney On Broadway. Below is my design for The Lion King - the most successful Broadway musical of all time. The Lion King has been seen by over 60 million people, with over 1.1 million Facebook followers. Overnight, my design has already attracted over 800 Facebook likes. It is truly an artwork I am proud of, and Disney is truly a company I am proud to be a part of.

Thank you everyone who believed in me and made this opportunity possible. I honestly cannot wait to go to work everyday to see what I get to be doing next. This experience is surreal, my later works will be published in my portfolio! Stay tuned!

Happy Summer!

My Lion King Cover Photo Design