Dean's Scholarship Award

For the second year in a row, I have been selected to be a Dean's Scholarship Award Recipient. I am absolutely honored to be receiving this award. The selection is based on faculty recognition of academic commitment and excellence in the Design Media Arts department at UCLA.

I strive to tackle each class with as much zeal and diligence as I can, I am truly thankful that my hard work and passion for design has been recognized by the faculty and by the department. As a two-time winner, I truly want to thank everyone who recognize my creativity and I want to thank all who have inspired me over the years. Thank you for believing in my continued progress, and most importantly, thank you for believing in me and the work I produce.

I want to also thank all the amazing professors at the DMA department at UCLA that have guided my talents and really bloomed my skills as a designer. Finally, an extra big thank you to the Scholarship Donor.